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Is your mattress too firm? The Instant Pillowtop is the perfect remedy!

The idea for the Instant Pillowtop came from an elderly woman who approached us looking for some type of mattress cushioning that would help her bed-ridden husband. She had searched the country for something that would provide extra cushioning, but would also fit securely to the bed. Our factory craftsmen developed a prototype for her to try and, to her great relief, this was exactly what she was looking for!

Now, this wonderful and revolutionary product is available all over the United States. Don't be fooled by copies - this is the ORIGINAL Instant Pillowtop!

Is your mattress too hard? Solve it with an Instant Pillowtop!

Is your one-sided, no-flip mattress caving in? Turn it over on the blank side and use the Instant Pillowtop! You suddenly have a two sided mattress!

Use the Instant Pillowtop anywhere you have an uncomfortable mattress - the RV, boat, camper, truck sleeper - anywhere! If you need a custom size or shape, that's no problem, just contant us!

With 30 years of mattress manufacturing experience, The Mattress Factory not only offers the Instant Pillowtop, but also quality mattresses and mattress sets sold directly to the public and commercially to hotels and dealers.

Because we sell directly to the public, we know that customer service is the most important product we offer. We stand behind our products and guarantee your 100% satisfaction. All Instant Pillowtops have a 7 day, money back guarantee.* They are also covered by our 1 Year Limited Warranty.

The Mattress Factory uses Milliken Hi-Loft Flame Retardant Barrier in all products to comply with 16 CFR 1633.

If you are ever in the vacinity of Bend, Oregon, we invite you to visit our factory and showroom!

The "Instant Pillowtop" is a fully trademarked brand name held by The Mattress Factory, Inc. of Bend, Oregon USA - All Rights Reserved.

* = 7 day money back guarantee valid on purchase price only. See "About Us" for more details.

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